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[Closed] Taiwan Mobile - UAiTED 2023 International Internship Program

Taiwan Mobile & UAiTED

2023 International Internship Program

(Online and on-site)


Taiwan Mobile launched “Tech Genius Cultivation Internship Program" and is now actively recruiting interns. Candidates of any nationality are welcome, and internship periods are not limited to summer or winter vacations. The internship can be conducted both online and offline (on-site), and during the internship period, a dedicated mentor will guide you through hands-on work to learn practical industry frameworks. This will allow you to connect with the industry and become a technology elite leading the Web 3 movement. Come and join us to Open Possible and embark on a new chapter in your life.

UAiTED will cover the flight ticket and arrange a mentor from a local host university.


[Job Responsibility]

After receiving resumes, HR will assist in matching the following four positions:

System Development:

■ Participate in system development: start-up technology services, AI visual research and development, audio and video visual research and development, digital transformation research and development, speech recognition, cloud service research and development, information security research and development, BNPL payment services, cryptocurrency, massive data analysis.


Data Modeling:

■ NLP word segmentation dataset processing.

■ AI multi-label classification modeling technology.

■ Labeling user characteristics and brand preferences to assist customers with accurate marketing.

System Testing:

■ NoSQL/Database testing program writing, data migration, and performance testing.

■ Testing and program writing for management backend functions, APIs, service websites, and application service apps.

M+ Innovation Module Development:

■ Optional team small games, conference AI image processing, etc


NTD$180~250/ hour (Accommodation and insurance expenses is included in this salary package)

This is a paid internship program. Recruiters will further discuss the salary package and working hours with qualified applicants.

Number of intern position available

20~30 interns

Partnering Institutions and Organization

Host Organization: Taiwan Mobile

Host University: National Chengchi University

Host University will arrange an external mentor.

Length of Internship

3 months~1 year (Full time or Part time are welcome)

The internship commencement date and length of internship will be based on discussion and agreement between recruiters and applicants.


Internship Location (Taiwan Mobile offers both on-site and online internship)

Taiwan (On-site internship)


Eligibility Requirements

Taiwan Mobile prioritizes skills over the specific field of study. Therefore, if someone can write code (Any Coding Language) despite not majoring in an information-related discipline, they are the talent Taiwan Mobile seek.

Recruiters will match candidates to suitable positions (System Development, Data Modeling, System Testing, M+ Innovation Module Development) upon completion of the interview.


How To Apply

  1. Deadline
    • 31 December 2023
  2. Application materials
    • CVs
    • Other materials (Optional)
  3. Submission
    • All materials must be submitted electronically to the Secretariat via emails