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2023 UAiTED Faculty Exchange Scholarship

UAiTED believes in the value of meaningful cooperative partnerships with institutions aboard. In support of this effort, the Faculty Exchange Program has been developed for faculty of UAiTED partner universities. Specifically, the Program seeks to promote inter-university research collaboration across UAiTED partners by offering short-term exchange opportunities to 20 members who are tenured, tenure-track, or full-time faculty every year starting from 2023.

Application Guidelines:

1. Applicant Qualifications
The grant must be used for overseas research exchange among the UAiTED partner universities.

2. Application procedure
(1) Time of Submission: 17th April to 19th May.
(2) Required documents:
(Application form and CV)
 A. Information sheet
 B. Proposal: including purpose of the exchange, anticipated research outcomes, duration of exchange
 C. Budget (Maximum US$5000 per year)
 D. Invitation letter from the host university ( UAiTED member universities only )
(3) Submission
      All materials must be submitted electronically to the Secretariat via email.
      Email address:
      Subject: Name_University Name_2023 UAiTED Faculty Exchange Scholarship

** After the application is approved, it can be used multiple times in the current year (before Dec 30)
** The subsidy only covers travel, accommodation, and insurance expenses.

3. Obligations when receiving subscriptions
Grantees must submit a final report, including a proposal for overseas research collaboration after the visit.

4. Reimbursement
(1) Grantees are required to submit receipts (accommodation receipts, air ticket receipts (economy class), electronic passenger tickets, ticket stubs (or electronic boarding passes), proposal for overseas research collaboration.
(2) Reimbursement within one month after the event ends. If the application for reimbursement is submitted after the deadline, the expenses shall be borne by the applicant.