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State Key Laboratory of Marine Pollution - UAiTED 2023 International Internship Program

State Key Laboratory of Marine Pollution of City University of Hong Kong & UAiTED
2023 International Internship Program

香港城市大學海洋污染國家重點實驗室 全球產學未來人才培養策略聯盟 2023國際實習計畫

State Key Laboratory of Marine Pollution (SKLMP) is looking for ocean-minded young people to join us. We are working on marine environmental research that contributes to the protection and management of the marine environment and generates positive societal impact. SKLMP is offering a 3-month internship program (June to August, 2023) for young people and future marine scientists. Students under this program are willing to (1) Communicate with distinguished scientists of SKLMP from eight universities of Hong Kong; (2) Learn research skills for field survey, data collection, and data analysis; (3) Know and use equipment that can be used for marine environmental research (; (4) Get familiar with marine organisms and animal models or cell cultures for bio-assays; (5) Get ready for future Environmental Chemistry, Marine Ecology, Biology related studies.  SKLMP is offering 3-month program for young people and future marine.
UAiTED will cover the flight ticket and arrange a mentor from a local host university.

Technical Assistants
Salary: HK$ 10500/ month
UAiTED will reimburse the roundtrip flight ticket.

*Selected interns are responsible for arranging, at their own expense, their accommodation in Hong Kong and medical insurance covering non-service expenses incurred during the duration of the appointment. 

Interns may take reference from the off-campus short-term accommodation options available in Hong Kong in the Student Residence Office website of CityU   

Number of intern position available
Technical Assistant 1
1Join fish and fisheries surveys and help measure samples in the laboratory;
2.Extract DNA of marine organisms and conduct PCR for species identification;
3.Assist in data handling, data analysis, and report preparation;
3.Join group discussions and share research ideas.
Technical Assistant 2
1.Help to conduct field surveys and sample preparation;
2.Assist in algae isolation and identification through taxonomic and molecular approaches;
3.Keep the culture collection of algae;
4.Report the progress regularly;
5.Perform any other duties as assigned.

Partnering Institutions and Organization
Host Organization: State Key Laboratory of Marine Pollution 
Host Universities: City University of Hong Kong

Length of Internship
2-3 months (depends on the candidate’s availability)

Internship Location
Hong Kong Eligibility Requirements
Bachelor’s degree candidate Year 1 and above
Related Fields: Environmental sciences, Chemistry, Ecology, Marine Biology, and related subjects

How To Apply
12 January 2023
Application materials
_Copy of Identity Card, Resume, Transcript, Academic Certificates
_Internship plan
_One recommendation letter
_Submit to:
_Address to: UAiTED Secretariat
_Email Subject: Name_University Name_ 2023SKLMP(CityU) Internship Program

Additional Terms and Conditions
Application open to UAiTED member universities students