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Oppstar Technology Malaysia - UAiTED 2022 International Virtual Internship Program


Founded in 2014, Oppstar Technology is a semiconductor company with proven expertise in the development of analog, mixed-signal, and digital IP/ASIC/SoC. We offer end-to-end expertise that enables design and optimization for high-performance & low-power, and sustainable product in an increasingly connected world.

Oppstar Technology is looking for highly motivated students that are willing to learn engineering skills, design processes, communication within the team and with future customers, ideally ready to face challenges in the cutting-edge engineering areas.

Oppstar is offering talent engagement program in 3 levels. (Please refer to the details below)

UAiTED will provide students that are accepted to the program with professional counselling through the host university.

Number of intern position available

Circuit Design Engineer 3 – 5 Interns

RTL Design Engineer 3 – 5 Interns

Total: 6 – 10 interns

Partnering Institutions and Organization

Host Organization: Oppstar Technology (

Host University: National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University ( 

*The host university will provide students that are accepted to the internship program with mentors.

Length of Internship

  • L1: pure internship program for min 3 months
  • L2: after completion of L1, option to work as part-time helpers to extend total engagement of (L1+L2) to up to 1 year while pursuing 4th year final year study
  • L3: after completion of L2, option to join Oppstar as permanent employee (either work from Taiwan or physically relocate to Malaysia)

The internship will commence on June 2022. The exact date for internship will be decided upon interview with employer.

Salary and Allowance

  • L1: USD$900 – USD$1,400/month (Subject to skill set, scope of work and outcome of interview)
  • L2: USD$9/hour
  • L3: USD$1,400 – USD$1,800/month

Eligibility Requirements

Degree Year 3 & above and Master

Related Fields:

Electrical & Electronic

Semiconductor, VLSI

Embedded software

Computer science

How To Apply

1. Deadline

  • 7th March 2022

2. Application materials

  • Resume
  • Transcript
  • Portfolio
  • Internship Plan (please see our options L1, L2, L3)

3. Submission

  • Please submit all related documents to
  • Email Subject: Name_University Name_Oppstar Virtual Internship Program

Additional Terms and Conditions

1. This is a virtual internship, insurance will not be provided by the host organizations. Please get yourself insured if you find necessary. Please note that the salary paid include any necessary fees for getting insured.

2. Local Malaysian students who wish to engage for physical internship, please send your application materials to

3. Allowance and pay for all level are subject to local pay rate.