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Delta Electronics-UAiTED 2021 International Internship Program


This is a virtual internship opportunity provided by Delta Electronics. Student is allowed to work from home and practice the assigned work in remote mode.

COVID-19 had delays on-site internship opportunities in many companies recently. Under this circumstance, Delta is releasing one virtual internship position from the perspective of talent cultivation.

Delta Electronics, is a global provider of switching power supplies and thermal management products with a thriving portfolio of smart energy-saving systems and solutions in the fields of industrial automation, building automation, telecom power, data center infrastructure, EV charging, renewable energy, energy storage and display, to nurture the development of smart manufacturing and sustainable cities. Delta Electronics is offering a 8-week full time internship opportunities to international students. Through this internship program, student will:

1. Gain valuable work experience which could help to better kick start their career in the future.

2. Have the opportunity to take part in projects and be surrounded by professionals from the industry that could one day be a valuable connection.

3. Have the opportunity to develop and refine their skills through participation in projects and receiving feedbacks from supervisors and others who are established in the field.



Education Level



Monthly Pay

Monthly Pay


24,500(In NTD)

28,000(In NTD)

Note: This salary package is taxable income, 6% taxes will be withheld at the time of distribution. Any related insurance fees are included in the amount paid above. Additional Benefits:

1. Delta Electronics Dual-Mentor system (Both HR and Department instructor)

2. UAiTED Mentor: Professor from National Central University


Number of intern position available

1 position


Partnering Institutions and Organization

Delta Electronics

Host university: National Central University

Length of Internship

2021/7/5~2021/8/31 8 weeks (full-time)


Eligibility Requirements
_Job Opening:   Power Semiconductor Devices – RD Intern

_Job Description: 1. Patent research and analysis 2. Briefing on research papers and technical reports

_Qualificaiton/Skill/Tools: 1. Semiconductor device physics 2. Chinese and English

_Academic Threshold: Year 3 to Second year of graduate

_Department Requirements: Electrical/Electronic Engineering/Physics

How To Apply
1. Deadline   2021/5/15

2.Application materials  
_Official transcript  

_Portfolios (Optional)  
_Recommendation letters (Optional)  
_Internship plan (Optional)

    Email subject: Delta Electronics 2021 Internship (name of your university)
    Mail to:

Additional Terms and Conditions

1. Student is required to submit a weekly learning report. Mentor will give comments and suggestions based on the report.
2. Full participation is required.
3. Student is allowed to take leave given that the supervisor has been notified and approval is given.
4. This is a virtual internship insurance will not be provided by the host organizations. Please get yourself insured if you find necessary. Please note that the salary paid include any necessary fees for getting insured.