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Announcing the finalists of the 2022 UAiTED Innovation Competition!

We are delighted to announce the finalists of the 2022 UAiTED Innovation Competition!


After months of collaboration with a cross-regional team, each team has proved its capacity to generate new ideas and propose viable solutions to major problems that touch many people.

After a thorough reviewing process by the reviewer panel which involved 8 academic and industrial experts, we have our 8 finalists of the 2022 UAiTED Innovation Competition (in alphabetical order):

  • EBT (Education for Better Tomorrow)
  • Envero
  • Golden Hour
  • HealthYee
  • Nova Fascia
  • Quirky Turkeys
  • SGF

From now until the final presentation date, teams will be paired with mentors to further polish and improve their proposals. The final competition will be held on the 13th August 2022. Looking forward to the final round and award ceremony! A separate email will be sent to all finalists.

Thank you again to everyone who actively participated in the 2022 UAiTED Innovation Competition, proving the importance of UAiTED's cross-regional collaboration and innovation and furthering the objective of talent development.