Our Work

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Our Work

Our work is focused on four main areas: industry internships, education, innovation, and industry-academia collaboration . Each area is led by a steering group of experts and representatives from our member universities. Each group will prioritize their programs and activities that are aligned with the vision and missions of UAiTED.

The industry internships program is designed to provide highly qualified and motivated learners from diverse backgrounds with the unique opportunity to gain work experience from within a selection of organizations that cut across a variety of leading industries. Selected learners will have a chance to get to know their organization from the inside and out, gain valuable work experience, and sharpen the knowledge and skills for future career.

The education area involves a number of short- and long-term training programs and micro courses co-led by leading industry partners and academics with a particular focus on industry-specific experiences and insights. The programs aim to equip the learners with the fundamental and practical skills to successfully enter, lead, and succeed in the world of work

We believe that great ideas drive the development of our industry and society. Our innovative work aims to develop collaborative and strategic teams composed of key stakeholder groups in order to promote innovative and impactful change within and across our network.

Building on the work of internships, education, and innovation, the industry-academia collaboration (IAC) program brings together a comprehensive network of industry and university partners in pursuit of advancing research and development in applications and infrastructure by promoting academic-industry partnerships and collaborative innovation across our alliance. Designed to cultivate future-ready talents, the work of IAC is committed to supporting research-driven innovation and entrepreneurship and is dedicated to work closely with our learners and partners in industry and academia.