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Announcing 2021 UAiTED Innovation Competition Finalists

It is with great pleasure that we announce our 2021 UAiTED Innovation Competition finalists.

Each of the participating teams consists of several students coming from different member universities. They develop ideas together along with the themes of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). After nearly two months of international collaborations, each team has demonstrated its ability to create new ideas and offer potential solutions to important problems affecting many.

We received more than 30 team submissions, and the top finalists in each category were selected after a thorough selection process with 9 expertise reviewers involved. With two rounds of selection and deliberation, the following is the list of finalists in alphabetical order.

  • Earthlings

  • Eco-lution

  • GME (Green Metropolis Enthusiast)


  • Researchain

From now to the final presentation date, teams will be matched with mentors for further refinement and development of their proposals. The final competition will be held on July 31st, and our winners will be announced. Looking forward to the final round and award ceremony!

Thank you again to everyone who actively participated in the 2021 UAiTED Innovation Competition, demonstrating the significance of UAiTED's cross-regional collaboration and innovation, and advancing the goal of talent development.

Congratulations again and good luck!