About Us

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About Us

UAiTED is a strategic network of academic, profit and nonprofit professional associations and organizations who are committed to assist in the preparation, promotion, and professional development of future talents. As the rise of a global knowledge economy has intensified the need for strategic partnerships that go beyond the traditional grant and fellowship programs, however, opportunities for those young learners whose eligibility falls outside the traditional funding requirements or parameters but who have both a passion for international development and leadership potential to grow in areas relevant to groundbreaking disciplines are limited and deserve greater attention. UAiTED aims to prioritize collaborative efforts among strategic network members in providing unique opportunities for international young talents to achieve their potential. It serves as the leading independent Asia-wide membership organization seeking to provide a platform for international cooperation in practice, research, education, and innovation.

Our vision is to be the leading global alliance for the development of future-ready talents through strong society-university empowerment.

We aim to enhance industry-university collaboration to realize knowledge transfer and promote innovation-oriented programs leading to global sustainability.

All The Partners share a common interest in fostering talents and seek to share their respective strengths, experiences, and resources with the collective goal of facilitating the cross regional, multicultural and interdisciplinary global talent development through The Partnership known as the UAiTED.